Entry #1

second animation

2017-01-23 14:16:51 by cerebralburp

hey guys, just a little screenshot of the animation I'm currently working on- (after that I'll be able to get back to

episode 2 of Little Minced Lady). I'm excited about releasing this sh**! 4971282_148519897262_new_animation.jpg


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2017-01-24 11:47:08

Cute, funny,sexy and the eyes lol...nice

cerebralburp responds:

:D thanks a bunch for the feedback!


2017-02-25 17:58:44

Just watched it, a funny little cartoon, sometimes very close to real life, sometimes almost surreal.
Interesting mixure of different styles imo.
I'm curious to see how this story will continue...

cerebralburp responds:

Thank you very much for the positive and detailed feedback! I'm glad you liked this mixture of styles, it's just how I roll :) I hope I'll be able to work on the sequel soon...there's a few projects awaiting their completion...lots of work (and fun) to come ^^ see ya around and have a great time!